HUD Screentron UI.rar

Hearing a man speak with this much drive and confidence about an imaginary plumber is sort of enthralling.I have tried Discord and so far they are way more then what I need right now and AG looks like exactly what I want.He seems to project beyond himself, exerting a kind of Reggie Field that dogs and many birds find unpleasant.Wombat02 on January 2007 Obsidian Spur Hunter Mage Rogue Lumberg Priest Death Knight 0.It took me like 5 minutes to set it up the way I wanted compared to when I used discord which took me over a hour to get something similar.

Will be even more so for a rogue with far fewer buttons to have onscreen.I have a load of unused guff in my interface folder The hud is metahud.I have it, it loads, but I cant load any custom unit frames I get off the discord site.Let they who have not posted about their balls in the wrong thread cast the first stone.

I dunno how people can stand to box off whole sections of the screen:S.I find myself wishing I could walk and wander around the world without most of the UI clutter.OmniCooldownCount, because looking at the default timer will murder your eyes, and a mass mailing mod, which assisted GREATLY when transferring all of the materials I had gotten ahead of time to my Paladin.I cant figure out how you guys are getting discord unit frames to work.There is a list of additional actionbars you can enable under the advanced options tab.And since it is ace my ace updater will install and update it for me.

I really like how it works, but I cannot get party targets or party pets to show up.Nevion UI (16:9) Version: 2.42. by:. Unzip the Nevion UI.rar to your World of Warcraft game folder. ( paladin colour ) bar in the centre of the screen...Green for happy, yellow for the next level down, so on and so forth.In discord it appears I have to log in and out each time I want to try a custom theme from someone else does AG allow me to have multiple installed and just on the fly switch.I set my font to 14 but every time I go to map, interface, or any other page it automatically resets to 12 and that is just far too tiny for me.Also I see it has a fubar plugin, does that make changing themes easy.Quick question. is there a way to hide the UI except in Combat or when I get a Tell.