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The shadow of Napoleon fell heavily over the first years of the first world war.Roumania could be attacked from north and south (the Danube, where a mixed Bulgaro-German-Turkish force was assembled), and by December 1917 her army was squeezed back into the mountains of Moldavia.This book provides readers with an introduction to the complex era from 1878 to the end.In return for German help (the sale of two battleships, which gave Turkey naval safety in the Black Sea) he attacked Russia in the Caucasus, and lost an army.The great pre-war naval race between Great Britain and Germany turned out to be, with very severe competition, the greatest waste of money in the history of warfare.The Battle of Kowel (also known as the Battle of Kovel or the Battle of Kovel-Stanislav).Even then, most of the terrain was flinty karst, resistant to bombardment.

Europe Transformed 1878-1919 by Norman Stone (pp. 43-44) Review by: Edwin T.Europe Transformed 1878-1919, Norman Stone, Jun 2, 1999, History, 339 pages.Europe Transformed 1878-1919 (1983), which won the Fontana History of Europe Prize,. Norman C. Stone (born April 28, 1939).Enver Pasha, the dominant figure in the regime at Constantinople, had gambled on Germany being unbeatable (his army had been trained by an efficient German military mission).Norman Stone born 8 March 1941 is a British historian who is currently a Professor in the Department of International Relations.

By mid-November the war at least had stopped, and peace treaties followed, though a civil war went on in Russia until 1920, and the war in Turkey only ended, with the victory of Turkish republican nationalists, in 1923.

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It might seem strange to begin with what sounds like a simple history textbook.LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.The army had a go, and in late April troops landed on the Gallipoli peninsula.Europe Transformed Europe Transformed: 1878-1919 1878-1919. Norman Stone Europe.In April 1917, after an absurd and public attempt by Berlin to get the Mexicans to attack the US, the Americans declared war.

Then, the British had used their money to pay other armies, especially the Russians, to do the land fighting.Europe transformed, 1878-1919 by Norman Stone ( Book ) 51 editions published.Europe Transformed 1878-1919 (1983), which won the Fontana History of Europe Prize, and World War I: A Short History (2007).Norman Stone makes sense of this complex period of political and social change by exploring common European themes and.But the German Eighth army lays a trap for the Russian Second army, which is surrounded and destroyed. 250,000 Russian casualties. 12,000 German soldiers killed or wounded.

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His books include Europe Transformed 1878-1919, The Eastern Front 1914-1917, and World War One: A Short History.Two million young men got married in August 1914, to the great bewilderment of elderly men in the war ministry.

Historiographical debates tend to focus on these...There was, for instance, a Russian revival, as the growing industrial capacity was at last mobilised.It is the beginning of a disastrous campaign for the Austro-Hungarians, who will lose 1.5 million men (including 400,000 prisoners) and nearly ends its part in the war altogether.Europe Transformed 1878-1919 (Blackwell Classic Histories of Europe) (9780631213772) Norman Stone,.There is a great mystery about the first world war: how the ordinary men stood it all.Buy World War Two by Norman Stone (9780141037141) from Boomerang Books,.Norman Stone is a television director, producer and screenwriter.

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The story of modern art Norbert Lynton Snippet view - 1980. Europe Transformed: 1878-1919 Norman Stone No preview available - 1999.But attacking the Austrians was easier said than done: most of the common frontier was impassably mountainous, and there was only a 50-mile strip on the river Isonzo, north-east of Venice, that offered any hope of advance.This book is fascinating introduction to the complex era from 1878 to the end of World War I.And there was at last a general who had his wits about him, AA Brusilov, who sensed that revolutionary new methods of attack might succeed.

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The soldiers refused to put down these demonstrations, and an enormous mutiny began.From 1984 to 1997 he was professor of modern history at the University of Oxford.

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Late in 1917, there came another extraordinary victory - Caporetto on the Isonzo where, after a display of great virtuosity, an Austro-German force managed to destroy an entire Italian army and to drive the Italians almost back to Venice.


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Revolutionary Europe, 1783-1815 Rude, George (Fontana Press, 1985) Europe Between Revolutions 1815-1848 Jacques Droz (Fontana Paperbacks, 1985) Europe Reshaped, 1848-78 (Fontana history of Europe) Grenville, J.A.S. (Fontana, 1976) Europe Transformed, 1878-1919 Stone, Norman (Fontana Press, 1985) Europe of the Dictators,1919-1945.

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But they were vulnerable to torpedoes and mines, and the German high seas fleet only emerged for an afternoon in the North Sea, on May 31 1916, for a great clash known as the Battle of Jutland.There were mutinies, of greater or lesser significance, but the only one of decisive significance happened in Russia.In late February 1917 there were demonstrations by enraged housewives in the capital, Petrograd (Saint Petersburg, the old name, had sounded too Germanic, and had been Russified).Stromberg, Roland, Redemption by War: The Intellectuals and 1914.

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While the outcome is indecisive, it is notable for the first use of poison gas in the war.

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Here, too, there were Napoleonic reminiscences, the great man having won some of his greatest battles fighting the north Italian cause against the Austrians.English History (8) Europe (29) European History (21) General.The peace with which it ended had established a worldwide system, and even a sort of United Nations.Norman Stone,. (1980), Europe Transformed 1878-1919 (1983), all of which are still in print.One immediate result of this was that Russia had no more trained soldiers (five million) than did Germany, with a much smaller population.Hitler (1980), Europe Transformed 1878-1919 (1983), which won the Fontana History of Europe Prize, World War I: A Short History.They would have gained many supporters if the Germans on their side had said, yes, we will not try to dominate western Europe, we will give up Belgium, but give us a free hand in the east.